A multimedia project investigating and raising awareness of post abortion trauma in women.

The Mourning After is not debating the moral, ethical or legal dilemmas that create opinion, but providing an insight into the psychological after effects that some women face

Post abortion stress syndrome (PASS) is at present understood to be a type of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and in some instances doesn’t occur straight away.

In recent years it has become increasingly important to understand the significance of respecting and responding appropriately to the grief of parents who have experienced stillbirth, miscarriage or who have given up a baby for adoption. For many women abortion, like miscarriage and still birth can also be a death experience.  Not everyone will experience this and for those that do it may not be immediately visible. For some people it could vary between weeks, months, and even years later when these women notice the physical, emotional, and psychological realities that took place in the aftermath of their abortion.

These traumatized women and men have an innate belief that what is destroyed in the abortion is an unborn baby regardless of size or gestation and irrespective of the values and beliefs of doctors, lawmakers, families or partners.

Women known to be more at risk of abortion trauma include:

  • adolescence and teenagers
  • sexual assault/abuse & neglect victims
  • those who feel pressured to abort
  • those who have difficulty making the decision
  • the isolated or dispossessed (lacking support network)
  • women who are already mothers
  • those who abort for health reasons: mother’s or unborn’s
  • those with developmental or psychological limitations
  • second and third trimester abortions

Often a subject widely debated and overlooked post abortion trauma needs more recognition.

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